I make Games that cross barriers.

Hello, I’m Matthew Colton Spross, a game developer with over 5 years experience making digital games that explore new territory.  In that time I have released games for iOS, Android, Web, Oculus Rift, and Desktop. 

I'm interested in making games that cross barriers: cultural divisions, language differences, social classes, the bulkhead between physical and digital. My interest comes not from the act of transgression but from the results that come from using technology and play to build new bridges. 

I have a masters from the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech.  Before that I was formally trained for a career in architecture. This background gives me a keen understanding of the intersections between real and digital spaces.  You can take a look at my Resume to see a list of my Hard and Soft skills and you can browse the selected projects I have put on display. 


The Neighborhood 

Pickle Panic

Black Oak Manor

Babel Build

Paint Pulse 

Pinocchio: Rampage through the Island of Vice



Zylatov Sisters